Mexican Amber vs Baltic Amber – What is Your Choice?

July 21, 2016

Chiapas amber jewelry


Some enjoy wearing amber jewelry for its warm, sun-kissed shades. Others because it is known to ease stress and give a serious energy boost (definitely worth a try, especially on workdays). Sometimes it’s simply love at first sight. This gorgeous and surprising stone has been channeled for centuries and still manages to keep its mystery and charm today. Ready to learn more interesting facts about amber? Do read on.


What is Amber? – A Short History


Mother Nature never ceases to amaze us with its precious gifts, and amber is one of them. This fossilized tree resin has charmed generations with its spectacular appearance, and this is not only due to the many colors it comes in, which vary from pale yellow to orange to brown (with more uncommon variations of red, green or blue), but also to the interesting inclusions it contains (they can be anything from insects to flowers, wood, feathers, and different small natural organisms).

Ever since Stone Age, amber has been used either for jewelry and ornaments, as a cure in traditional medicine to fight aches, colds, and fever, an ingredient in perfumes (heated amber releases an oil with a musky scent),  or in making a popular Scandinavian liquor (akvavit).


Baltic Amber and Mexican Amber – What’s the Difference?


The Baltic region (the countries around the Baltic Sea – south-east of Scandinavia) is known for its large deposits of amber. Baltic amber, also known as the Gold of the North or succinate (due to its succinic acid content) has been present here thanks to the large forests that have been creating hundreds of thousands of tons throughout the centuries. Today, most Baltic amber comes from Russia and Poland. Including a rich fossil fauna, Baltic amber usually ranges from bright to dark yellow or brownish-orange, depending on how old it is and the area where it has been found. Very seldom it is either red or blue, and only a very small quantity of amber is clear. The characteristic appearance is given by inclusions such as seeds, insects, twigs, pieces of plants, gas or water bubbles.

Mexican Amber, also known as pauch in the Maya Tzotzil dialect, is mined in the South of Mexico, in the state of Chiapas. Formed from the resin of an extinct tropical tree (the same genus producing Dominican amber), charming Mexican amber is one of the highest quality ambers in the world. Unlike most amber stones, the Mexican one is famous for its deep red to cognac shade. Amber can also be found in colors, such as white, honey, blue, aqua, violet, and very seldom, green. Difficult to mine, hence very rare, it is estimated that a mere 300 hundred kilos of Mexican amber is extracted every month, according to the Museum of Amber in San Cristóbal.

Chiapan amber may often contain fossilized bugs, shells, dirt, or insects which make the stone even more unique and authentic. The ancient Maya praised amber and would offer it as a tribute to the Aztecs, however, this semi-precious stone is believed to be up to 25 million years old. That’s a lot of history!


Amber Jewelry – a Unique Gift for Any Woman


The fact that Mexican Amber is harder than most other ambers makes it less fragile and perfect for carving, hence perfect for handcrafting unique pieces.  

Amber jewelry is a must-have for any woman with a classy, sophisticated taste, and ladies around the world are often seen wearing it (no wonder, it looks gorgeous on any skin color!). Elegant and versatile, amber jewelry can be sported from morning to after dark as it perfectly matches casual-chic looks and classic ones alike. Whether you go for an extravagant necklace, a dainty pair of earrings, or a chic bracelet with amber stone, remember you will be wearing millions of years of history. Highly symbolic, these fabulous stones seem to have frozen a moment in time encapsulating particles of lost ages. How fascinating is this?


Jewelry with Amber – Every Woman Deserves the Best


The exotic designs and surprising shapes created by skilled amber artisans, paired with enigmatic and hypnotic amber are true pieces of art waiting to be flaunted by fashionable women. From delicate drop earrings and matching pendants to mesmerizing amber rings, our range of amber jewelry is truly impressive.

To get a glimpse of our beautiful pieces here is a sneak peek at some of our amber delights which are ready to add extra oomph to your outfits. The Multi-Strand Suede Amber Choker is a heavenly match for the three triangle-shaped amber pendants. Vibrant yet effortless. Just perfect.


Your wrists deserve to be spoilt, too, so what better way to put them in the spotlight than with Glorious Touch Amber Cuff Bracelet? This stylish amber bracelet handcrafted in sterling silver matches everything in your wardrobe, knows how to get everyone’s attention with its sophisticated amber stone, is super-easy to slip on and wear, and is low-key yet undeniably chic.


Inspired by geometry and nature, a solid amber dome ring is a simple yet not simplistic addition to your outfits. It is a statement piece that blends design with the beauty of natural amber. The square band ring with sparkly faceted amber stone set in silver prongs will easily dress up any look. 

amber dome ringamber band ring

Whatever the occasion, outfit, or mood, we’ve got Mexican Amber Jewelry for every taste. If you have not worn Chiapas amber stones before, Mexico’s pride and joy, it’s time to treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind piece that you will love forever.

Just curious… what would you go for, first?

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