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5 Reasons We Love Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry

Nothing creates that special ‘summer’ feeling like wearing a splash of turquoise. With its exquisite blue-green color, it evokes the spirit of the sea and the exotic flavor of Mexico. No wonder we love it with our sexy summer glow, especially in jewelry! This season, the runways were filled with ethnic-inspired jewelry, inspiring women to turn to pieces with these elegant Mexican twists. From statement necklaces to beaded earrings, turquoise jewelry leads as one of the hottest summertime addictions!


Rich Cultural History

Turquoise jewelry has a long-standing history, dating back to 19th century native America. It’s a special part of the Navajo tribe culture, valued as a symbol of happiness, health, and good fortune. It’s also appreciated for its uniqueness as each piece differs slightly in color and pattern.
Today, jewelry designers have modernized this tradition. Combined with other precious materials like sterling silver, these contemporary versions offer a chic look, especially when worn with current European fashions.


Totally Wearable for all Occasions!

Daytime Wear

Turquoise jewelry is also adored for its spiritual, laid-back vibe. It transmits cultural depth, adding soul and spirit to your style. Great if you’re a musical festival junkie or a beach babe - you can really make turquoise jewelry work for any scene! So, it’s really no surprise they’ve become such a hot go-to among fashionistas and celebs alike, loved for their stunning sea-themed beauty.
For casual daytime wear, you can integrate turquoise jewelry effortlessly into your wardrobe to add some zing to your fashion routine. It’s stunning with sundresses and patio attire such as light breezy maxi skirts and cute crop tops. You can also pair turquoise jewelry with your favorite pair of ripped shorts if you’re going for casual-chic. 


Evening Wear

Alternatively, you can smoothly transition your turquoise jewelry into a nighttime look. Whether you’re a sucker for the little black dress, a vixen in leather or perhaps the sleek, conservative type, you can slip on a few turquoise touches to play up any evening outfit… next round’s on them, ladies!


Skin-popping Color

Women also love the way the turquoise creates that cool edge, as it pops beautifully against most skin tones and makes your outfits appear trendier. Necklaces with turquoise stones are a great example. They exude power as well as femininity.

In this piece, the designer, Alon Diller artfully uses real turquoise stone, which he embeds  into a charming sterling silver pendant. The setting is exquisitely accented with a charming swirl accents on a delicate chain, evoking the traditional aesthetic of Mexico. It’s through the ethnic richness of these designs, which makes these pieces so highly valued among jewelry lovers. 



Celebrities love it!

A-listers also love rocking this trend as seen by Megan Fox at the Golden Globe Awards. She pairs a chunky turquoise, double layer necklace worn with a black sweetheart dress for a sleek look. She finishes the outfit with a set of loose curls and some come-hither lip gloss.

Simply add your camera-ready pout and a dash of smoldering confidence, and you’re ready to hit the red carpet!




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