8 Gorgeous Semi-Precious Stones Demystified

November 02, 2016

8 Gorgeous Semi-Precious Stones Demystified


Guess what? Whether you are a trend-loving fashionista, your faith in astrology has suddenly resurged, or you simply cannot live without color in your life, this is the right time to spoil yourself with semi-precious stones. One of this year’s hottest jewelry trends, semi-precious stones have made a spectacular comeback and can be now seen gracing the necks, wrists, and fingers of fashion-conscious women.

What is truly fascinating about these natural beauties is that there is so much more to them than vibrant colors and natural sparkle: they are full of meanings, symbols, and powers that you probably never knew about. Read on. You are about to give a whole new meaning to your gemstone jewelry when you’re done.



They say yellow stands for jealousy. Who cares?  You will be envied anyway once you sport your citrine jewelry.  Named after the French word for lemon, “citron”, the top-selling yellow gem ranges from pale yellow to earthy brown to reddish orange. This gorgeous variety of quartz is the birthstone for November and stands for success, prosperity, and positivity. Now, this is the kind of lemons we wish life gave us…


Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz Earrings

Born in the last month of the year? You are lucky to have stunning blue topaz as your birthstone. This dazzling crystal varies widely in saturation's and tones (green, yellow, pink, purple, orange and red), but our favorite has to be the icy blue topaz, a symbol of love and affection. Think of it as the perfect Christmas or Valentine’s gift. Blue topaz earrings, anyone?




Every time we think of amber, the first word that comes to mind is “spectacular”.  Back in the age when this fossilized tree resin oozed from plants, it actually acted as a sticky trap for insects, leaves, flowers or pine needles. These inclusions make amber one of the most surprising gemstones out there and, whether you go for Baltic Amber or the Mexican variety (one of the rarest and highest quality ambers in the world), you will make a great choice. Astrologically linked to the sign of Taurus, amber stands for protection and courage, is also believed to release negative energy. Perfection.


Lapis Lazuli

Feeling a little (bright royal) blue? You need lapis lazuli jewelry pronto. Praised since ancient times for its exquisite deep shade, lapis lazuli even inspired Renaissance painters who used it to make the famous “ultramarine” blue, a pricey bright pigment used in famous works of art. The traditional birthstone for September, lapis lazuli is associated with royalty and deities and symbolizes wisdom, honor, and power. We have to admit that every time we wear a sparkling lapis stone (thank you, golden flecks of pyrite!) our hearts sing a little.



Turquoise Pendant

No wonder ancient Egyptians called turquoise “mefkat” which means “joy”: this is one of the most positive and cheerful gemstones we know.  The traditional birthstone for the month of December is an opaque stone in soul-satisfying shades of sky blue or aqua green.  It can be found in clear form or with fine seams of the matrix (the remnant of the stone’s surrounding rock) that create interesting web-like patterns. Usually fashioned into talismans with Native American significance, turquoise stands for wealth, friendship, and peace.



This beauty might be lesser known, but once you set your eyes on it, expect love at first sight. Besides its gorgeous sky blue to green cyan shades, chrysocolla displays original multicolored patterns with brown and black specks.  Used to attract love, encourage clarity of thought, strengthen the body’s resistance and promote calm feelings, this gemstone is one to keep close (and wear on repeat). Just saying.



Black is timeless and looks good with anything. That is why a piece of jewelry with onyx stone will be a key item in your accessory arsenal. Shiny black onyx is extremely popular for its versatility among jewelry lovers and has been used since as early as Ancient Egypt for beautiful ornamental items. It is praised for its power to release negative emotions and promote self-confidence. Having said that, we feel everybody should own an LBG (little black gem).



Agate Bracelet

One thing must be said about agates: they are never boring. Being the most creatively striped natural gemstone, this type of chalcedony named after the Sicilian river Achates can be found in several colors, ranging from dark green to brown to red. Astrologically, this gem is associated with Gemini and is said to protect the wearer against dangers promoting a calming effect during stressful times. Enjoy all this and more with a charming agate braceletor a mesmerizing agate necklace. Classy beyond words.


Add a touch of sophistication (and symbolism) to your outfits with semi-precious stone jewelry - they will make even the pickiest of women smile in delight.

Which one of these gems will be the ice-breaker for you, ladies?

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