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How to Add Interest to Your Looks with Statement Jewelry

statement necklace

There is nothing such as a plain outfit. What you are probably missing is statement jewelry. However “boring” a dress or pantsuit may feel, pair it with a va-va-voom necklace or earrings and, voilà, you are instantly an über-cool statement-maker.

What is Statement Jewelry?

A chunky necklace. An opulent bracelet. A pair of sumptuous earrings. Big, bold jewelry will always have people watching (and talking). Wearing statement jewelry means letting the world know a little bit about your unique personality. No words needed.

Even if statement jewelry is not for the faint-hearted (it normally takes a sophisticated, confident and passionate person to wear it), more and more women are starting to think outside the box when choosing their fashion accessories and are more eager to wear something bold that stands out.

Jennifer Lopez



Celebrities are known for their love affair with statement jewelry, and they are never afraid to wear the most show-stopping pieces out there. From Beyonce to Jennifer Lopez to Nicole Kidman, divas have a huge appetite for one-of-a-kind pieces which they sport with enviable panache. 

Nicole Kidman

Whether you want to channel your inner Hollywood celeb, or just be your original self, Reveka Rose has got some pretty special statement pieces in store, that will help you get noticed in any crowd. Here are a few of our most eye-catching jewelry items that you can wear from breakfast to dinner with the same confidence.

The Statement Necklace

Being one of the first things people will notice about you, a bold necklace is the most visible piece of jewelry you could ever wear. We love pairing a statement necklace with anything from a little black dress to a demure strappy maxi dress to a sexy tuxedo suit. The more subdued the outfit, the better your statement bauble will stand out. Whether you go for a long multi-strand chain, or a bib necklace (a shorter, busy piece that covers the top part of your chest), choose a sparkly item made of chunky pieces.

Our favorite statement necklaces are the Autumnal Fiesta (an extravaganza of multicolored agate strands decorated with exquisite silver leaves),  and the Onyx Geometric Necklace - a symphony of irregular brushed links and multifaceted onyx stones.


The Statement Earrings

Silver Statement EarringsAttention-seeking earrings demand swept back hair or a classy chignon. If you’ve got them, flaunt them! Chandelier earrings are the most striking style as they draw major attention to the face with their flamboyant appeal.

If you are looking for the perfect complement to any elegant outfit, our Fatal Attraction silver earrings, inspired by exotic nopales, are what you need. However, drop earrings, such as the Blinking Clouds will also make a distinctive statement with their unusual curved shape and gorgeous blue topaz. Style tip: wear your statement earrings with a flawless face, voluminous lashes and a popping pout, turtleneck items and gathered tresses for fashion perfection.


The Statement Cuff

Silver cuffWomen’s wrists are meant to be adorned with beautiful jewelry, which only means you must have at least one look-at-me cuff in your jewelry box. Worn with short or three-quarter sleeves, cuffs and bracelets give personality to your entire ensemble and triumph every time you gracefully move your hand or hold a cocktail glass. For understated sparkle, slip on the Sophisticated Swirl and you will never want to take it off again. This three-row silver cuff works with most looks and is a pretty addictive fashion accessory. The same goes for the Intricate Web, a polished silver bracelet inspired by ancestral roots that you can easily pair with a soft cashmere sweater, skinnies, and suede boots during the cold upcoming season.


The Statement Ring

Go big or go home - that is what wild rings are all about. It is quite impossible not to fall in love with a statement ring: it speaks volumes about your fashion style and it demands attention whenever you make a gesture with your hand. For extra visibility, choose a piece with a semi-precious stone that will add a refreshing pop of color to your outfit (we’re looking at our flower-shaped Honey and Pearl Amber Ring right now). Another daring choice is the Flowering Succulent ring, a nopal-inspired beauty in highly polished silver which can be worn with anything (yes, even with casual-chic attire).

Silver Statement Ring

Channeling statement jewelry will allow you to express your personal style and get noticed. Check Reveka Rose for dramatic pieces to find those unique, original items that will put you on the style map. It’s that easy.

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