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The Hottest Fall Jewelry Trends for Savvy Fashionistas

fall jewelry trends

Cozy sweaters. Pumpkins. Hot cocoa. Warm cuddles. New baubles. Fall is here. If you are not so sure about what’s trending in jewelry universe right now, let us update you. With both the minimalists and maximalists having serious reasons to rejoice, here are fall’s 10 biggest, brightest and boldest jewelry trends to wear on repeat. Spoiler alert: #6 is quirkier than you’d think, while #8 has a hint of sweet nostalgia.


  1. Stare-don’t-Look Necklaces

If you love wearing jewelry that stands out, statement necklaces will help you reach couture-like levels of luxury in no time. Spectacular and fierce, these pieces look perfect on minimalist outfits. Pick one with a wild vibe, like the Great Unknown, or a surrealist piece, such as the Queen Supreme made of irregular mosaic pieces. More is definitely more this season. Dare.    



  1. Pearls. Lots of Them.

You can never have enough strings of pearls in your jewelry box. While this fall we are witnessing a return of the classic Parisian trend, the novelty is that traditional pearls can be now paired with the most unconventional outfits (yes, sporty sweaters and military jackets included).



  1. Earthy Gemstones

Time to push yourself into new territories this fall and explore the fascinating world of semi-precious stones. There is something mystical about returning to Mother Nature’s raw elements, so embrace a multi-sensory experience by wearing striking turquoise, lapis lazuli, chrysocolla, and amber. If you were planning to wean yourself off plain jewelry, look no further than our designer pieces with colorful gems.



  1. (Not Your Grandma’s) Brooches

We are swooning over brooches. From royals to movie stars, some of the most elegant and sophisticated women in the world have matched sumptuous brooches to their impeccably-tailored outfits. This antique piece of jewelry is getting a modern treatment and is ready to pop on collars, scarves, and even hats this season.  Our Brushed Atoms brooch will beautifully complement any color outfit, giving you an unexpected touch of style. Super-star.



 Atom Brooch

  1. Flora Fascination

Leaves, flowers, twigs, cones…. Every vegetation element can successfully translate into a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Here at Reveka Rose we have a soft spot for leaves in every shape and size, hence we are releasing our brand new Nature collection this fall. Choose anything from our exquisite gemstone bracelet to the subdued leaf-shaped earrings and pendants, and feel free to show off your love of nature in the new season. Botanical extravaganza at its finest.


 Nature Collection


  1. Artfully Mismatched Earrings

Wearing a single earring is so right now. Whether you opt for an earcuff, a duster earring, or a hoop, your style trick will not go unnoticed. For extra irony, wear a different style on each ear (pairing a dangling earring with a subtle stud is our go-to strategy).  Advice: approach this trend only if you have a sense of irreverence and humor.


  1. Unapologetic Chains

Punk is definitely not dead.  Whenever you feel like channeling your inner rebel, try layering chains around your neck or wrists. Heavy metallic chains reminiscent of the 80’s glam can be worn tangled or loose, down to the navel. The chunkier, the better. No excuses.


  1. Throwback Delight: Chokers

Chokers hug the neck in the most delicate way, which makes them somewhat more intimate than many other pieces of jewelry. Made of either metal, leather, beads, velvet, or rhinestones, they are also incredibly versatile.  Proof that the 90s resurgence is still going strong, nostalgic chokers are ready to seduce even the most avant-garde fashion souls.

  1. Amulets and Talismans

Secrets, desires, poetry and beauty… the universe of jewelry seeks inspiration far and wide this fall, putting protective amulets and lucky charms in the spotlight. Leave everyone guessing (displaying your right on point fashion sense) with stunning pendants like the esoteric Tree of Life and the mystical Modern Faith, or simply wear your zodiac sign, an unparalleled conversation starter.

  1. Layered Necklaces

Mixing and matching necklaces is another hot fall jewelry trend you must try. Don’t steer clear from layering different influences, shapes, and sizes. It will only enhance the emblematic value of each piece, giving your look a fashion-forward appeal. Pair in-your-face pieces with their barely-there counterparts. This is the new normal.

Feeling inspired, ladies? Feel free to browse our jewelry collections and pick your favorite pieces.

Our prediction: you will be creating many wow moments this fall.

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