Amber Earrings

Inspired by the beauty of nature and time, our amber earrings are perfect for day and evening wear, and never fail to impress. From studs to drop styles, featuring stones in gorgeous shades of cognac, honey and ginger and impressive silver work, our amber earrings celebrate women’s beauty. Choosing to wear cheerful amber will make you a magnetic presence revealing your optimistic and playful nature. Oh, it will turn a few heads, too.  

Amber earrings are elegant, easy to wear and even easier to love, and will match just about anything in your closet. Go for dainty amber stud earrings for daytime, but put on a spectacular pair of drop earrings after dark. They will catch the light beautifully either way and charm with their artistic silhouettes.

Apart from its natural beauty this stunning gemstone balances emotions, releases the negative energies and eases stress, which will probably make you want these darlings every day.

Modern styling meets traditional artistry in these exquisite amber earrings and the polished warm-colored stones give them the final touch transforming them into real style statements.

Golden amber is your year-round ticket for chic accessorizing and, whether for work or play, our handcrafted amber earrings are the perfect complement to any woman’s style.