Amber Flower Statement Necklace

This flower statement necklace with amber flower cluster oozes authentic Mexican style. Although it may become your personal “ode to spring awakening”, it is perfectly fine to wear it all year long. And, since blooms flatter any woman, make sure you flaunt it as often as you can.

Designer’s tip: match with cocktail dresses and a smoky eye for jaw-dropping looks.

  • Gemstone - Genuine Amber
  • Gold plated 
  • Approx. 18"
  • Comes with an Authenticity Certificate
  • Handcrafted in Chiapas, Mexico
  • We doubt you have ever owned a necklace that’s more feminine than this sweetheart.

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Meet the Designer

Lixo DesignerLixo is a family company that has been in the amber business since 2004. It is specializing exclusively in the finest amber coming from the Chiapas area in Mexico. For its gorgeous cultural jewelry, Lixo uses amber obtained through fair trade from 15 indigenous families living in the amber mines area. Ranging from light honey to reddish yellow, the amber stones encapsulate plants and insects and are over 25 million years old. Counting over 20 employees today, Lixo is aiming to improve the standards of living of every family participating in this project and is proud of its certifications, such as the Marca Chiapas award, the IMPI trademark and the certification of amber authenticity which guarantee an original, unique product made in Mexico.

Mexican Jewelry

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