Mexican Coral Jewelry

Probably the most celebrated shade in the warm season, coral illuminates like a summer sunset. Pink, orange, or red, coral jewelry has a timeless appeal, so if you are looking to add a splash of tropical mood to your outfits, this delicious color is just what you need.

Do you consider coral jewelry too girly for you? Wear it with grown-up structured jackets or asymmetric dresses and create stunning color-block combos by matching coral with purple, white or navy.

Known for its remarkable healing properties, this organic red gemstone stands for pure fun, innocence, and femininity. The coral used by jewelry designers to make their gorgeous items is normally not formed in reefs, but it grows in tiny structures that resemble branches. It gets an attractive glossy shine when polished and looks dramatically beautiful thanks to its rich radiance.

Shop our natural coral jewelry handcrafted in Mexican sterling silver in most unique designs.