Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are as beautiful as they are comfortable to wear. They are adjustable and super easy to slip on and off and did we mention they look gorgeous on any wrist, too.

Boasting a history that dates back thousands of years, character-filled cuff bracelets are still fantastic statement-making accessories today. Our sterling silver cuffs are fashioned with unparalleled craftsmanship, using high-quality silver and glorious gemstones for a touch of color.

Accessorize your day outfits with a solid sterling silver cuff bracelet, the perfect complement that sparkles enough to stand out, but is dainty enough to be channeled even at the office. When your evening wear asks for an eye-catching bracelet, choose one that features turquoise, lapis lazuli or amber stones for the “wow” factor your outfit needs. Slim or wide, simple or sophisticated, a cuff bracelet will flatter any woman’s hand.

Each of our original cuff bracelets has a personality of its own and is a wearable work of art. They all look amazing when worn alone, but even more spectacular when stacked together in a frenzy of colors, textures, shapes, and styles.

From denim to evening gowns, your outfits will ask for these chic accents with the contemporary finish. Discover yours now at Reveka Rose.