Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstone bracelets are to the wrist what good make-up is to the face. They embellish, beautify and grab anyone’s attention thanks to an irresistible mix of stunning colored gemstones, polished sterling silver and unique designs.

Whether you are getting ready for the office on a Monday morning, or a glam event on a Saturday night, your outfit will look undeniably more interesting and sophisticated thanks to a gorgeous gemstone bracelet. They demand attention and look glorious from dusk till dawn, and their timeless beauty makes them wonderful keepsakes for generations to come.

Our spectacular range of natural gemstone bracelets covers both contemporary and traditional designs that will suit any style, occasion, mood and season.

Crafted from top quality Taxco silver, our handmade bracelets incorporate festive turquoise and lapis lazuli for an exotic touch and a hint of tropical holidays, or romantic amber which evokes the warmth of twilight. The vivid stones combined with elegant silver, leather, and intriguing designs are a symbol of femininity and grace.

Wear them alone or stacked to show your great sense of style and love of natural gemstones. From anniversaries to birthdays to Mother’s Day, these beauties will make great presents for women who love wearing gemstone bracelets.