Lapis Lazuli Earrings


If it feels like your wardrobe is missing something, bring a vivid pop of blue to it with our hypnotizing lapis lazuli earrings. Reflecting the shade of the night sky and the stormy ocean, and featuring shimmering gold flecks on the surface, this gemstone is versatile and beautiful to wear. Flattering blue goes with everything and is really eye-catching. It elevates all styles and creates a unique fashion statement, so let it get you everywhere with a pair of splendid lapis lazuli earrings that have a personality to spare.  

Depending on style and size, our beautiful lapis lazuli earrings look amazing with jeans and a tee for a walk in the park, but also with a cocktail dress for an elegant soiree. Match them with a lapis necklace or bracelet to bring harmony to your ensembles.

From hearts and studs to geometrical shapes and drop styles, our range of lapis lazuli earrings offers something for every taste. They are all beautifully hand-crafted by Mexican artisans using high-quality sterling silver and polished lapis. If you are looking to get yourself a striking new pair or searching for a gift for a precious lady, lapis lazuli earrings are always an original and refined choice.