Simple Everyday Rings

Some women constantly strive to discover the most intricate and sophisticated things. Others find immense beauty in simplicity. A simple ring is that staple you feel you can’t leave home without. A fantastic match for all your office ensembles and off-duty outfits, basic rings are super-versatile and it is quite impossible that they ever go out of style. Their pared-back aesthetic puts all the focus on the single stone or design that stands out from a minimalistic setting. Just don’t be fooled – picking a cute everyday ring does not mean that you are limited to how and when you wear it. Simplicity can be surprisingly sophisticated, and if you take a look at our simple silver rings with tiny gemstones, you will understand why. The unique beauty and sparkle of amber, turquoise, onyx, and topaz stands out even more with a simple ring because the understated band allows it to steal the show.

Our dainty rings complement any hand and will look great stacked on one finger or mixed into your current ring rotation. There are really no rules on how to wear a simple stone or silver ring because they go with everything making it easy for you to create different looks with just a few pieces.