Statement Earrings

What makes a successful selfie? Statement earrings, of course. Big, bold, in-your-face earrings will always be popular as long as fashion will enjoy a little drama. Which frankly, keeps happening season after season.

If you feel you’ve been wearing the same studs for too long now, it’s time to join in on the ear party and let statement earrings elevate your style to new heights.

We love large earrings for several reasons: they never go out of fashion, they always fit, they can be the most uplifting and fun gift to self, and they never, ever remain anonymous.

Whenever they want something that feels really special, women of all ages buy statement earrings. The bigger your earrings, the bigger your personality, so make sure you get a pair that really fits your style because it will say a lot about you.

From solid silver earrings with geometric shapes to bold drop earrings with sparkly, colorful gemstones, statement earrings are as impactful as good makeup. Loved by celebs and fashionistas alike, they are playful, sophisticated and glamorous. Don’t step out the door this season without a great pair of chunky earrings swinging from your lobes. Check out our original styles and pick your favorites first.