Stud Earrings

Some call them understated and too simple. The truth?

Stud earrings give a touch of chic to any woman who knows how to pull them off. The main reason we love our silver studs is they are fuss-free and easy to mix with necklaces and other jewelry. Plus, they don’t stretch the lobes and they never get stuck when you take your tops off.  

The secret to buying the perfect pair of stud earrings is to make sure it complements as many outfits in your wardrobe as possible. From sterling silver to stone, stud earrings can give very different vibes and fit many styles and personalities.

Wear them the classic way (together) for an elegant look, or mismatched (even solo) when you want to add a hint of playfulness to your overall appearance.

Whenever your lobes need a rest, treat them to a unique pair of pretty studs. Just remember to sweep your hair to the side to show them off.