Tree of Life Necklace

Expressive tree of life necklaces carry deep meanings and symbols and are, at the same time, beautiful and artistic pieces of jewelry to love and to cherish. Representing the strong bond between earth (the roots that reach deep into the ground) and heaven (the branches extending into the sky), the tree of life is a popular symbol of family, unity, and connection to ancestors. Tree of life necklaces are popular gifts for people celebrating crucial life milestones (coming off age, graduation, a new baby) or those looking for a new start in life. Crafted from sterling silver and featuring handmade pendants, our necklaces are the perfect gift for anyone who is celebrating a meaningful event.

While in Buddhism, the Bodhi tree was where Buddha received wisdom, Nordic cultures see the tree of life as an endless source of knowledge. For ancient Celts, the tree of life (also known as Crann Bethadh)symbolized balance and harmony.

Today, the tree of life necklaces are commonly worn by fashionistas for their beauty and elegance and are given by each individual a unique symbolism that represents themselves or their loved ones.

Our gorgeous tree of life necklaces will perfectly complement all your silver bracelets and earrings. Get ready for some energy-filled pieces to wear on repeat.