Yellow Jewelry

There will be (many) days when you just have to create your own sunshine and that’s when you should wear your yellow stone jewelry. It will cheer you up in no time and turn heads wherever you go (double winner!). Symbolizing joy and wisdom, yellow stimulates creativity and intellectual energies. You may look at a pair of citrine earrings and simply think they are gorgeous. However, there is much more to them than just a beautiful yellow gemstone and polished edges. If you actually look into the meanings of this sunny color, you will learn that it is the brightest and most uplifting color of the visible spectrum offering cheerfulness and hope. From lemon to canary to mustard, yellow will add a fresh and playful touch to all your looks.   

Pair yellow chandelier earrings with a white tailored suit or a yellow bangle with a black dress and you have a killer combination. Purple and yellow is the traditional set of complementary colors, so don’t shy away from matching your citrine, amber or jasper jewelry with something purple like clothes, makeup or…even more baubles.

Your beautiful jewelry in the color of sunshine will be flattered by sunlight, so remember to flaunt it from early morning.