About Us


About Us

If you already own Mexican jewelry, you know how these remarkable pieces can make a woman stand out in every fashion crowd. If you don’t, then this is the perfect time to meet Reveka Rose.

The online jewelry store was born to promote versatile and exotic Made in Mexico jewelry pieces of exceptional quality. We only select head-turning, cultural items which are rarely seen in North America. This is one of the things you will love the most about our pieces once you discover them: they easily become a woman’s most coveted jewelry box superstars setting her apart from her fashion peers. 

We chose to put our focus on Mexican jewelry because it is highly symbolic, impeccably crafted and eye-catching. All the gorgeous pieces in our collections have been created by highly-skilled artisans, and are meant to be worn alone or in different combinations. They are fresh and appealing (not to say hypnotizing), plus they fit every outfit and occasion.

Mexican Jewelry – a Blend of Creativity and Splendor

We strive to please every taste and fashion style showcasing anything from jaw-dropping necklaces to subdued earrings and meaningful pendants crafted in precious silver and embellished with colorful semi-precious stones. Our aim is to help every woman find her signature piece and, why not, have the chance to reinvent herself every day expressing her creative personality through sparkle.

If you have been thinking of revamping your jewelry collection, you are in the right place. Your expectations are likely to be exceeded and you will forever adore the trend-setting, Mexico-inspired pieces in our collections.

Make space for a little piece of Mexico in your life: once it gets to you, it will be there forever. Welcome to Reveka Rose: your new go-to destination for fabulous jewelry!