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A jewelry store created for women looking to stand out. Head-turning cultural items, rarely seen in North America, inspired by nature, water, geometry, myths and legends, the design of each piece is deeply rooted in Mexico's identity. Our timeless pieces are skillfully handcrafted using precious metals and gorgeous gemstones. Our aim is to awe and inspire women with jewelry in surprising shapes and elegant exotic designs. 

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Revealed: 10 Must-Know Jewelry Care And Cleaning Tips

February 09, 2017

  Do you want your jewelry to last a lifetime? Sure you do! But in order to have it around forever, you'll have to remember to maintain it properly. Consider “give to get” your new motto and know this: if you give your precious accessories enough attention, they'll repay you with years and years of spectacular shine. And don't worry, it's not a time-consuming endeavor! Keep reading as we walk you through 10 essential jewelry care tips for pearls, for gemstones and for gold, silver and amber pieces.    Part A: Jewelry Care Tips To Follow On A Daily Basis You know what they say: it's the little things that matter! These simple nuggets of advice are all about what...

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