Chrysocolla Jewelry

Whether you are looking for tranquility, or just seeking beauty, Chrysocolla jewelry is your best bet. Match your striking green jewelry with white dresses and a golden tan. Summer goddess effect guaranteed.

Chrysocolla is a gorgeous gemstone of vivid green-blue color. Tolerance, resolution, and compromise are generously promoted by the exotic-looking stone that has been used by Native Americans as a healing amulet.

This beautiful gemstone might be lesser known, but once you set your eyes on it, expect love at first sight. Besides its gorgeous sky blue to green cyan shades, chrysocolla displays original multicolored patterns with brown and black specks. Used to attract love, encourage clarity of thought and promote calm feelings, this gemstone is one to keep close.

Energetic green chrysocolla jewelry has always been a best-seller among women because it arouses joy with its vibrant personality. From Chrysocolla rings to pendants and earrings shop our stunning jewelry collection.