Black Onyx Jewelry

Black is timeless and looks good with anything. That is why black onyx jewelry will be a key item in your accessory arsenal. Shiny black onyx is extremely popular for its versatility among jewelry lovers. It is praised for its power to release negative emotions and promote self-confidence. Having said that, we feel everybody should own an LBG (little black gem).

Every woman we know loves a dash of color, but there is an enigmatic and fascinating allure to black stone jewelry that can’t be denied. If you decided you will stop wearing black only when they make a better color, then this is a must for your accessory collection. Call it ebony, carbon or jet, any name works as long as you are wearing your favorite black onyx stone wrapped in gold or silver.

The popularity of black onyx has skyrocketed in the past years and we can see why: they look striking when paired with precious metals, go with absolutely any color, and catch the eye in no time. A bit bohémiene and a bit femme fatale, black onyx jewelry stands for power, authority, sophistication, and mystery.

Timeless onyx jewelry simply possesses the wow factor. Shop our stylish black onyx necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets and get hooked for life.