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In search of Taxco silver jewelry? If you love silver jewelry, chances are you’ve heard of Taxco, Mexico, where they uphold a long and proud tradition of metal-working, with materials such as copper, silver, and gold.

With techniques tracing back to the pre-colonial period where they formed jewelry as sacrifices and gifts, Taxco jewelry has become popular and has drawn tourists from all over the world.

With Mexico being the lead producer of silver in the world, the popularity of Mexican silver jewelry skyrocketed. Taxco silver, in particular, has gained renown for the beauty, creativity and exquisite design of pieces. 

The artisans that live in Taxco are considered to be one of the best in the world, so despite that fact that silver mining is no longer a mainstay of the city's economy, silver is still brought to the artisans in order for them to shape them into breathtaking pieces.

The great thing about Taxco silver jewelry is that it’s for every taste. Mexico’s silversmiths have been creating outstanding pieces that suit every style and budget. You can be sure that sterling silver jewelry from Taxco is high quality, exquisite in detail, and will always be flexible enough to look good with whatever you may wear.

Discover our rich collection of Taxco silver jewelry, from earrings to rings, chunky silver necklaces and unique silver bracelets. Start your search now.

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